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2 Tips On How To Better Brand Positioning

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Today to discuss the positioning of the problem, last week a friend needs to do VI, so for this topic in-depth discussion.

Depends on your "brand positioning", how you want to develop your business in the future, what groups you serve, what are the competing companies\categories, etc.

Rationalization and clarity of purpose are extremely important for the future conduct of business.

As the saying goes, everything is the same and business logic is similar, so it can be categorized into the following two main groups.

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I. Making Products-Conventional Internet Model

In the various channels to find the best-selling models, find the current popular, representative of the product can be directly to sell, the market has demand, do not have to do too much to educate, just how to attract to their products, in the flow of larger platforms to go to frequent exposure, and quickly make it become a hit.

With the front-end sales, the back end must also keep up, this way the volume will be very large, need to have a strong supply chain support, and vice versa will collapse. Therefore, before the operation, please consider the whole picture around the resources, how to integrate for the best is imperative.

II. Branding

It's also highly recommended to try it, but the cycle is long and requires resilience and persistence, depending on what you want and what your end goal is.


Begin research, search keywords in various channels (Google accounts for the majority), sales platform to analyze the feasibility and relevant data, the integration of all aspects of their own resources, especially the supply chain, to assess whether to take advantage of the long term battle can be sustained.


Will register their own brand and design, and have their own main color, have part of the VI specification, so that the external output has a better unity and recognition; think about their own sales channels, social media (video, copywriting, photos) is enough to support the operability.

Note: There are some clever methods available in the early stages, so I won't expand on them too much here.


Estimate a certain amount of time, in the platform to test the product (advertising on demand with), the relevant social media to follow up, diversion to the independent station, if the data shows that sustainable, if the sales of basic closed loop formation.


Give it time and keep going over the data so you can make adjustments.

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There are advantages and disadvantages to the two different approaches, and ultimately it depends on what your goals are and whether you can stick to them. If you want to be immediately effective in the moment, the feasibility is very small, but also please clearly see the essence.

If you guys have any comments or suggestions on brand positioning you can drop me a line and we'll discuss it together.

Next time, we’ll talk about matters related to independent sites, about why you need to build an independent site, respectively, what is the purpose and usefulness, we can explore together.

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