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2 Tips On How To Better Promotion

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From last year, I started to work on social media, have some of my own understanding, and share a little bit of my own experience today. If you find it useful you can communicate with each other or leave me a message to take a step forward for a better tomorrow.

As far as we can see, the underlying logic is almost the same, regardless of whether it is domestic or foreign.

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I. Graphic

I thought that video had replaced graphics, but actually the promotion of the written word is relatively qualitative in terms of quality. This is one of the reasons why I insist on weekly articles, will have a deeper understanding of a particular practice.

The need for targeted explanations and solutions as a starting point, by some of their own insights to explain the doubts, the regulations are clearer and clearer.

II. Video

Roughly divided into two main parts, entertainment and literature


As the name suggests relaxation of the mind to do the shooting of some of the video, there are landscapes, food, funny, storyline, etc., pleasant, but not quite memorable, stays shorter, the importance of the degree will not be very high, but on the rapid accumulation of fans have a great advantage.


The dissemination of some knowledge, practical understanding of the topic to start, targeted solutions to related problems, there are steps, the main and secondary, rational and clear, for the generation and solution of the problem has a great deal of help, the dissemination is relatively slow, the accumulation of fans is relatively slow, but the interactivity is strong, and can be precipitated high-quality fans.

Foreign social media need to have some methods to be able to use, you go to find your own methods, we do not share the skills in this area.

But I can say one thing: there is a risk that any shared IP will be unclean and have an impact on the quality of the account when more people use it.

It’s difficult to do platforms at the moment, traffic can be expensive and even with advertising it’s a struggle. So do private domains with the highest quality, but the beginning is more difficult.

If you do cross-border, through the social media (blogs, videos, forums) to attract traffic to their own sites, as far as I can see, my site traffic are from the social media, a larger number. But also need to improve their SEO (at present I do not do very well in this area, the rules have been changing, and so find some rules and then come back to share this aspect of the content)

Become friends through social media, you can build a group to manage together.

As of now, the forum diversion is also more difficult, has passed the time can link the site, and can only go through the message communication way to spread. If you can find the right external links, but also on their own site has a great help.

The domestic, you can use the public number and related social media (video number, microblogging) to accumulate, the same add friends or diversion to the Earth number, through the construction of the group, thus generating fission.

It can be understood as ‘casting a wide net’, choosing the right social media to focus their firepower to promote, but the difference lies in their own positioning is what? Back to the beginning, what is the purpose of your account?

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But the point is: a lot of do self media want to hit the red, want to through a few video can quickly start number, also can understand, each pressure are in, but from a realistic point of view, at present the possibility is almost none. Before doing social media, first clear the general theme, can be modified in the future, but please roughly the same, on the whole style positioning identification is relatively advantageous, as far as I can see at the moment there is no great need to go to find a benchmark account or shoot similar, do their own in order to be more long-lasting.

Traffic will not always be bad or good, the only only hard work, step by step, insist on doing, there is no second way.

That's what I've been expressing: no congestion on the road to success.

I welcome you to join me in sharing this knowledge so that we can grow together!

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