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Handmade-Spinus(Uping↑ Crochet Art Design Studio)Happiness Lane,Gongshu District Hangzhou,Zhejiang,CN 310030

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Handmade-Spinus's Leisure Time, Crochet & Coffee Companions

Bringing authentic handmade crochet to you today is a virtue.

More than 20 years of experience in design and public companies, serving general agents, franchisees, retailers, direct sales, etc.

We are art creators and a wisdom sharer. Currently starting to create my own brand to communicate our ideas to the world!

By crocheting, we use various techniques to make the products perfect, which are known to have a distinctive history and culture.

Our love for life is like art, and it is our responsibility to dedicate ourselves to nature and work together to protect the environment.

(Uping↗ Crochet Art Design Studio)

Crochet can help people relax and eliminate stress. When you are crocheting, you can focus on the action of crocheting without thinking about other things. This can help reduce stress, improve mood and improve mental health.

In addition, crocheting is a great creative activity. You can create a variety of different items to suit your preferences and ideas. You can choose different colors and textures to make unique items and keep learning new techniques as you go along.

Overall, crochet is a very rewarding way of life that can help us relax and improve our creativity and mental health. If you haven’t tried crochet yet, give it a try, you might be surprised how fun and satisfying it can be.


Leisure time at Handmade-Spinus, crocheting and plants companions

Whenever you see colorful threads, countless threads intertwined and entwined, countless balls arranged this, there will be infinite visions and scenes emerge, the presentation of living lines into a three-dimensional product through handcrafted creative design, there will be a surge of immense excitement – this is the magic of crochet.

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