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3 Tips On How To Better Independent Website

Better Independent Website

Handmade-Spinus(Uping↑ Crochet Art Design Studio)

Let's think this through first, why do you want to be an independent site? What is the intention?

At present, the competition among the major platforms is extremely hot, both at home and abroad, thus reflecting the importance of the "private domain".

The same way through social media, etc., lead to independent sites.

Better Independent Website

I. Pros and cons of standalone sites


No constraints, as long as the mail can be sold, fully embodies the spirit of ownership of my site I do. No matter from the website design and decoration or from the language and so on, you can operate according to your own needs.


No traffic, need to attract traffic through your own constant exposure.

You need to build the website by yourself, which is not newbie friendly. Need to know about servers, domain names, etc. and resolve them.

Need to put the product keywords into the website, help to get the search engine ranking.

Suggestions: build your own, all source code must be saved.

II. Advantages of independent sites

Completely reflect their own brand, so that customers directly understand the brand-related content and products, whether wholesale or retail, can be placed directly on the product for sale, but also can be placed on the forum, the discussion of relevant content – ultimately depends on the server configuration.

How to rank while searching for keywords in relevant search engines is a major task that needs to be done on SEO in the first few years. Knowing the trends and keywords in advance, while in the catalogs of products, product slugs, blog content and blog slugs, the same needs to be placed for relevant words. This is a long term process and is slow to take effect.

Forum links to independent sites, the same need to introduce relevant keywords and related interactions.

Nowadays, the most commonly used is the social media directly into the independent site, so you need to do a lot of video, photos to publish, step by step and every day to complete, do a good job of accumulating fans and maintenance work.

Note: It can be used in conjunction with related plugins to drive traffic.

III. Sales of independent sites


Determine which countries and regions you are selling to, find the right courier company, including price and timeliness.


Bound PayPal can be sold, sold out of the product remember to enter the order number in the PayPal background, disputes as evidence. There are a variety of ways to withdraw cash, there are more third-party organizations, you can understand, but the key is to bind the domestic banks need to have to handle the settlement of U.S. dollars.

Better Independent Website

So it's up to you to sort out your thoughts and whether you need to do a standalone site or not depending on your situation. But in the end, you need a closure, and an independent site is a good choice.

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