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2 Tips On How To Better Cooperation IP

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The recent week has been extremely "cool", even the West Lake and the Qiantang River have frozen over, so this winter has been a bit fierce.

So please protect yourself and keep warm this winter, the virus is also very serious.

Two topics of conversation today:

I. The last issue talked about conventional operation, this issue is to talk about another idea - 'IP creation'.

What is IP, you all must have your own understanding and knowledge of the psychology, not to expand on it. I just want to say is in line with their own, have a story and content, can be continued, the key is that they think it is appropriate, you can create their own IP.

1. You will ask me how to do it.

Of course, this needs to be analyzed from their own products, what is the most representative? Including category, shape, color, material and so on. Go to the market research, there is no similar category, or there is no difference. Then focus on your own products, start designing, and choose the most suitable and representative, which can be called “brand positioning”.

WARM TIP: Remember commercial protection!!!

2. With the IP how to do it?

Around the IP will be the expansion of products, different colors with different elements, but the most important thing: at first the main color remains unchanged, this is the first impression to the customer. But not all products must do this, at first we can test in order to test, through a small portion of the product as IP to become a series, to see how the market reaction, from sales data and communication can be discerned which need to be adjusted which need to adhere to (but in fact, I think: we need to look at the main manager of the heart of the specific to what, after all, the customers are different, everyone’s preferences are not the same, everything has to look at their own whether or not they can adhere to, whether there is a long-term.)

The above is only the first stage - selling goods, the second stage is - cultural cooperation

Selling goods is also just selling your own products, and you can only look at the high performance to determine the effectiveness. And I want to say is cultural (business \ cross-border) cooperation, what kind of chemical reaction?

There are a lot of cases whether it is the world or domestic, I do not give examples, only to share the principle, can be mutual achievement. But you will say we are nothing, how can people look at it? 

This problem in fact, I have been thinking a long time ago, but you do not do who knows it? If you do not do never have the opportunity, and when the opportunity comes, they are not enough that the opportunity is also in vain. Therefore, we continue to consistently say, “If you have decided to go to insist on doing”

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II. What is the cooperation?

Partners backstage private letter I want to learn, but my ability is still limited ah, you have experience we can come together to do something, you can help production, is also considered to be entrepreneurial, are for their own efforts to get a point of return. At present, I can only have this ability.

I’m very grateful to a few friends around me, know and do not know, in this period gave me a lot of help, I believe that pay sooner or later will come, perhaps they did not get, and the people around them got. Keep a good heart, sincere treatment, everything will be fine!

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