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2 Tips On How To Better Improve Performance

Better Improve performance

Handmade-Spinus(Uping↑ Crochet Art Design Studio)

Boosting Performance Winter doesn't get a foot in the door, it comes very quickly and is instantly below zero.Spent my birthday in the wind.

Looking back on the year, I started my journey with the idea that I would not know until I had done it.

I. Internet

The current online progress is relatively difficult and slow, the general environment of the downturn on the platforms turnover has a great impact, coupled with some of the flow restrictions and limitations and other irresistible status quo, some of the real value of the product by the impact of the low price is really too strong. So it didn’t respond to a performance-parity situation in what should have been a better period.

Our current offshore platform will meet the needs of our clients in terms of customization and is relatively popular in this area.

When it comes to social media, there is no great difference between domestic and foreign, the principle is the same. Whether the natural flow can get a boost from the platform is particularly important, luck is also an aspect, but it is also the way to go, and the most valuable. At present, it seems that there is no one platform traffic is relatively stable, there will be ups and downs, and the background calculation of the platform, was reproduced more, the platform will also push, the dissemination of nature is more, hot is also one aspect, but I still think that the component of luck is relatively large.

There's more traffic.

Watch the video, post more, feel worthy of meaningful, began to pay attention to become their own fans, because the conversion rate of the basic value of this, only people enough, the resulting performance will be high. So all of this is the accumulation of time and daily investment, now see a good account, the heartache of the first few years is only known to themselves, for the usual people want to skyrocket the possibility or do not think about it.

But in any case, to do something persistently, can be uninterruptedly repeated every day, repeated, is also a very great thing. So it’s the same thing with publishing social media, and I’ve always said emphasize: if you do it, you have 50% hope, if you don’t do it, it’s 0.

Better Improve performance

II. Traditional Sales


In a word, ‘living off the weather’.
In more inclement weather: for example, summer heat, winter cold, wind, rain, ask yourself if you will go out? As with online traffic, what’s business without people. So in the winter now, if there is no sun, basically want to do performance is extremely difficult, but does not exclude the luck, maybe you can meet a big customer?

Consignment-Cooperative Nature:

It is also good if there are suitable venues that can be sold in each other’s stores, and if there can be a relatively large number of stores, it can also produce more desirable results. The prerequisite is to have assessed the suitability of the stores, as well as having a relatively sufficient stock. The disadvantage is that you need to press a little bit of capital, but then again, there is no such thing as doing business without pressurized goods.

Group Sales:

Online + offline if you can receive a group order, is also a very good choice, in a shorter period of time can be shipped more, faster capital turnover, but the relative profit will be a little lower, this is related to the time input-output ratio.

We have been approached by some of the better stores to work with on consignment matters, but have not been able to follow through at this time due to time constraints.

Better Improve performance

Today's chat is about regular operations, so in the next installment we'll talk about the direction of my other line.

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