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3 Tips On How To Better Rationalization Time

Better Rationalization Time

Handmade-Spinus(Uping↑ Crochet Art Design Studio)

Looking back on the matters related to this year (online operations and offline operations), from the point of view of time management and results feedback, basically in the expected. Offline operation is relatively simple, this time we mainly talk about online operation.

I believe that to do anything need to have the concept of time, after all, we have so little time every day, how to be more efficient to complete the relevant work?

Better Rationalization Time

I. How to make good time?

Choose the relevant platform, suitable for their own category, or personal feeling of operation appropriate. Beforehand, roughly to understand the relevant rules, plan how much time to spend on each platform every day, generally in the spirit of the important platform to spend more time on the principle of good trade-offs and division of labor.

I am to do the whole network at home and abroad, roughly distinguish the way in the operation, basically the same output, after all, each platform is to thousands of rules, the face of the crowd is different. In the era of self media, video, graphics are needed, after all, everyone’s preferences are different.

We are in the basic operation of 2 weeks, the time of the relevant platform have a good control, the time required will also have a concept, then you can go to the way to schedule and complete the work on time in the form of a course schedule.

Note: Crossing the border requires choosing a major area and determining the approximate time difference.

Suggestion: Spend 1/5 of your work day.

II. Advantages of scheduling (analytical summary)

Sending is just the process, analyzing and shooting and post is the most important key to the whole result. Therefore, after 1 month of operation, we can analyze the relevant data, not necessarily all platforms will have good data, simply say there is an upturn. Learn to analyze and clarify their own positioning, the future direction plays an important role.

From this month to analyze the trade-offs, if a number trend and match is very low, you can choose to give up or restart the number, need to consider whether the content is appropriate.

Note: Remaining time to observe competing content and shooting styles, as well as doing a good job of summarizing the content.

Suggestion: Spend 1/5 of your work day.

III. Related Content

Without going into too much detail in this regard, after all, everyone has their own idea of what works for them, and it may take a bit of frustration, or a hit.

Note: There is a lot of free time that can be utilized to think about content or editing.

Suggestion: Spend 3/5 of your work day.

Better Rationalization Time

In the beginning there may be just one person, it takes extreme self-discipline, and the payoff behind success is always known to you. Therefore, I will always repeat over and over again to say: persist! For the whole year so far, the data on all platforms is still relatively impressive.

Do what fits the moment! Ultimately: how you organize your day depends on your personal habits and your goals.

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