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4 Tips On How To Better Crochet

better crochet

Handmade-Spinus(Uping↑ Crochet Art Design Studio)

Listening to favorite music and feeling inspired to write a summary of crochet work.

The end of the year is said to be the peak season, as always, we order to do crochet Christmas products and some daily stocking, and weekends will also go to participate in some offline bazaar, only in Monday to Thursday operation online, in fact, the daily workload is still very saturated.

I also thought back to the fact that this venture was actually a matter of necessity, and after consolidating some resources, I started the journey of crocheting.

better crochet

I. About Myself

Looking back on this year, in fact, or harvest, I am engaged in the design profession for 20 years, but at the beginning of the specific products to do what confused, constantly asking themselves what they like? I believe that only what I like can be done well, so from the point, line, surface of the art foundation began to have inspiration – “crochet”.

Because I have always believed that we must pass on and carry forward the traditional and ancient culture, not only focusing on the domestic, but also to the world, their own research on the network as the basis for the construction of an independent station, related to the dissemination of the media, the crochet products “Spinus” brand to better build and share.

better crochet

II. About Crochet Kits

There are many kinds of crochet kits, also shared before the different materials and quality, suitable for yourself as good as no special requirements, and budget also has a certain relationship, and I choose to use a wooden 2.0 crochet hook.

Crochet hook and their own to do crochet products, the size and thickness is also related, depending on their own positioning to decide.

better crochet

III. How To Make Good Crochet Products

All things being equal, when we were ready to make crochet products it was actually unclear and also we didn't know how to carry out it.

From the choice of thread, color selection and thickness, with their own crochet product system, looking for suitable material suppliers, starting from a simple crochet products, start sampling, stable production side, a little to accumulate, from simple to complex step by step to progress. Summarize and do clothing is not much different, but will be much simpler, so the essence of business is the same.

Our initial positioning, things to crochet is to do crochet flowers, but with the crowd and customer feedback, as well as some of the popular trends and by the focus, we also increased the crochet products also increased crochet brooches, crochet hair clips, crochet dolls, crochet pendants, crochet car, crochet keychain, crochet car hangers, crocheted car keys, crochet pendants, crochet bags, crochet decorations, crochet animals (dogs, cats, collars), the relative whole of the Crochet product line.

Crochet flowers are in the holidays as well as birthday gift will have a big demand, our crochet bouquets will have their own characteristics, and their own preferences and temperament related, will be based on, for example, Halloween and the next Christmas accordingly crochet products – crochet Christmas trees, crochet snowflakes and so on. (Affirmation: next year to be 1 ½ months in advance of the relevant holiday products in place, the time involved in the shipment); and usually, in addition to crochet bouquets, other crocheted products will be in greater demand. Our website is also a retail-type website, including private domain

better crochet

IV. About Future

I quoted the words “there is no traffic jam on the road to success” to motivate myself, after all, want to succeed is not an easy thing, for everyone is the same. We will continue to refine our products, and eventually branding and IP, so as to diversify the operation, not only the product, but also the dissemination of culture and ideas.

I would like to use my own little power to spread the spark of "crochet" as a wish, how far it can spread depends on the amount of energy.

And of course I hope that those who have the idea and the desire can participate together, after all, the handmade heritage is great, so that our future generations can have memories.

Yes this is who you were meant to be and that's why I love to crochet.

These new products are new to us and can be purchased on our website.

We have a professional team in the field of crochet and can help you solve more problems that you need to solve. If you have any questions, you can always come to us and we will help you to solve your problems.

We can speak freely about our preferences here. We follow the principle of sharing without borders. We look forward to your participation.

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