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2 Tips On How To Better Halloween Pumpkin Crochet Knitting Tutorial

Halloween Pumpkin Crochet Knitting Tutorial

Handmade-Spinus(Uping↑ Crochet Art Design Studio)

Halloween has a long history, having existed for more than 2,000 years B.C., and its origins lie in an ancient Celtic festival called "Samhain".

Samhain was originally the end of the Celtic harvest season of the year and was also considered the Celtic New Year. On this day, it was believed that the gates of separation would open, the ghosts of the dead would return to earth, and the connection between ancestors and the gods would be strengthened.

People would burn fires, dance, and wear monster costumes on this day to banish bad spirits and pray for a good harvest in the coming year, and this tradition has been preserved.

Pumpkin lamps are the symbol of Halloween, and tradition has it that pumpkins are carved into lanterns to banish the spirits of the dead. Thus, the pumpkin, as a representation of Halloween, has become the symbol of the holiday.

With the introduction of Christianity into the Celtic region, the church designated November 1 as “All Saints’ Day” in an effort to separate itself from the pagan practices of the region. In modern times, immigrants brought the holiday to the Americas, where it evolved into the important commercial holiday it is today. Nowadays, Halloween is mainly characterized by wearing strange costumes, having spoof parties, and children trick-or-treating.

Therefore, both costumes and pumpkins retain the ancient meaning of the origin of Halloween, and combined with the current "trick-or-treating", it gives a more festive and joyful color.

We're sharing 2 tutorials on how to knit better Halloween pumpkin crochet to get ahead for Halloween with family and friends.

Symbol Abbreviation:

x: short stitch
v: increase stitch
a: decrease stitch
ch: braid stitch
t: center-length stitch
skip: empty stitch
blo: back half stitch
flo: First Half Stitch
st: pull-out stitch
w: three hooks in one stitch

Halloween Pumpkin Crochet Knitting Tutorial

I. Plain Pumpkin Body:

5 strands of milk cotton, 2.5mm crochet hook, spiral hook with stripe stitch (i.e., hook inside half of the stitch)

R1、Ring start the needle, start 8x-(8)
R3、(x, v) *8-(24)
R4、x, v. (2x, v) *7,X-(32)
R5、(3x, v) *8-(40)
R6、2x, v, (4x, v) *7, 2x-(48)
R8、(5x, v) *8-(56)
R11、3x, v,(6x, v) *7, 3x-(64)
R18、3x, a, (6x, a) *7, 3x-(56)
R21、(5x, a) *8-(48)
R23、2x, a, (4x, a) *7, 2x-(40)
R24、(3x, a) *8-(32)
R25、x, a, (2x, a) *7, x-(24)
R26、(x, a) *8-(16)

Leaving a thread long enough for strangling the pumpkin office, light to tighten the ends, then divide the body of the pumpkin into 8 parts.

Common Pumpkin Leaf A:

4 strands of milk cotton, 1.75mm crochet hook (1.8mm can also be not recommended to use a thicker crochet hook, will affect the size of the leaves)

Crochet leaf A first
R1、 Start with 10ch
R2、inverted 3 hook 8x, 4ch,8x,1ch, turnt
R3、k1x, 7x, crochet (2x, 4ch, 2x) in the loop formed by 4ch in the previous row, 6x, 1ch, flipt
R4、k1x,7x, hook in ring formed by 4ch in previous row (2x, 4ch, 2x), 7x, 1ch, flipped
R5、k1x, 8x, fish in ring formed by 4ch in previous row (2x, 4ch, 2x), 7x, 1ch, flip
R6、k1x, 8x, hook in ring formed by 4ch in previous row (2x, 4ch,2x), 8x,lch, flip
R7、k1x, 9x, hook (5x, 4ch,2x) in the loop formed by the 4x in the previous row, 8x, 8x

Common Pumpkin Leaf B:

R8、then row 7 of Leaf A. Continue fishing 4ch.
Reverse 3 hooks 7x, 1ch, k1x, x (hook on leaf A), 1ch, flip
R9、k1x, 8x
R10、then row 9, 4ch hook.
Reverse 3 hooks 12x, lch, k1x, x (hook on leaf A), 1ch, flip
R11、k1x, 10x
R12、k1x, 11x, 1ch, k1x, w, 1ch, k1x, 8x

Common Pumpkin Leaf C:

R13-R16、Repeat hooks 8-11.
R17、k1x, 11x, k1x, x, draw out one more stitch to end

Common Pumpkin stalk:

4 strands of milk cotton, 1.75mm crochet hook (1.8mm is fine, a thicker crochet hook is not recommended) Spiral hook

R1、loop the needle, start 8x-(8)
R5、3 pull-out stitches, 5x-(8)
R7-R8、Repeat 5-6 in crochet pattern
R9、(3x. v) *2-(10)
R11、(x, v) *5-(15)
R12、 (2x, v) *5-(20)

Just shorten and close

Pumpkin Whiskers:

4 strands of milk cotton, 1.75mm or 1.8mm, two hooks, one long and one short.

One long: 51ch up, 2 hooks down 50x
One short: 31ch up, 2 hooks down 30x

Pumpkin whiskers can be done to your personal preference, you can hook them longer or shorter, whatever you like.

Halloween Pumpkin Crochet Knitting Tutorial

II. Popcorn Pumpkin Body:

Key Stitch Instructions: Hang the thread first, then through the eye of the needle hang the thread and bring it out, then continue to hang the thread on the crochet hook, again through the eye of the needle, hang the thread and bring it out, there are now 5 loops on the crochet hook, then hang the thread and bring it through 5 loops at a time, that's one popcorn stitch, which is the equivalent of two unfinished medium-length stitches.

The pumpkin is divided into small and large sizes, the large one starts with 43ch and the small one starts with 31 stitches, the number ( ) in [ ] below is the number of stitches in the large illustration. 4mm crochet ch31(43)

R1、reverse 2 start hook, x 30(42), Ch1.
R2、*x, popcorn stitch* repeat after Ch1,Turn[30(42)
R3、x30(42), chl, Turn[30(42)]
R4、*x, popcorn stitch* repeat after ch1, Turn[30(42)]
R5、x30(42), ch1, turn[30(42)]
R6-9(13)、Repeat hook rows 2 and up
R10(14)&11(15), x30(42), ch1,turn[30(42)]

Repeat Rows 2 through 11(15) below, repeat 5 times for a total of 6 sets, joining the beginning and end with a lead stitch.

Popcorn Pumpkin Leaf:

Pumpkin Leaf: 3.5mm crochet, green ch7, start leaving a long thread left for stitching.

R1、reverse 2 start hook, x5, w, X5, ch1, turn(13)
R2、blo, x12, ch1, turn(12)
R3、blo, x5, w, X5, ch2, turn(13)
R4、blo, f2, x4, w, x3, f2, ch1, turn(14)
R5、blo, x6, (x, ch3, x) same stitch x6 (17)
Break the thread and hide the thread ends. Thread the thread left at the beginning to the petiole position.
R5、blo, x9, w,x 8, ch2, turn (20)
R6、blo, f3, x6, w, x5, f3, ch1, turn(20)
R7、blo, x9, (x, ch3, x) same stitch, x7(21)

Disconnect the thread, hide the end of the thread, and thread the thread you left at the beginning to the petiole position.


ch10, start leaving a long thread for the seam allowance.

R1、reverse 2 start hook, x8, w, x8, ch1, turn (19)
R2、blo, x18, ch1, turn (18)
R3、blo, x8, w, x8, 2nd, turn (19)
R4、blo, f3, x6, w, x5, f3, ch1, turn (20)

Popcorn Pumpkin Stalk:


Ch18 inverted 2 start hook 17v. break thread, leave long stitch.


Ch31 inverted 2 start hook 15v,15tv break thread, leave long thread to stitch.

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