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3 Tips On How To Choose Better Suitable Crochet Hook

Suitable Crochet Hook

Handmade-Spinus(Uping↑ Crochet Art Design Studio)

Handmade crochet is a very interesting project that not only relieves mental stress, but also improves concentration and gives us a lot of fun in the process, from the whole environment, the result ultimately to the manifestation of the finished product.

When you start learning to crochet, you will find that choosing the right crochet hook for you is a very important step.

I will share with you how to choose the right crochet hook for you.

Understanding the different types of crochet

There are many different types and sizes of crochet hooks, each of which can be used for different types of threads and different crochet projects.

The following are some common types of crochet stitches:

I. Material

Aluminum Crochet Hook

Crochet hooks made of aluminum are very light and convenient for long crochet sessions. They usually have a very smooth surface, which makes crocheting more convenient and easier to use.

Original Handmade-Spinus crochet design https://handmade-spinus.com

Plastic Crochet Hook

Crochet hooks made of plastic are usually cheaper than aluminum crochet hooks because they are considered plastic, but they are not as smooth as aluminum crochet hooks. However, if you need a softer crochet hook, then plastic crochet hooks are a good choice, and they are not very heavy and easy to carry around.

Original Handmade-Spinus crochet design https://handmade-spinus.com

Steel Crochet Hook

Made of steel, it is ideal for fine threads and crocheting small projects.

Original Handmade-Spinus crochet design https://handmade-spinus.com

II. Size

Choose the right size for you

Size is also an important factor in choosing a crochet hook.

Different sizes are available for different types of threads and different crochet projects, the following are some common crochet hook sizes:

Small crochet hook (2.25mm-3.5mm):

Suitable for fine threads and tiny crochet projects, such as crocheting flowers.

Medium size crochet hook (3.5mm-5mm):

Suitable for medium thickness threads and medium sized crochet projects such as crocheted hats and crocheted scarves.

Large size crochet hook (5.5mm-8mm):

Suitable for thick yarn and large crochet projects such as crocheted blankets.

Consider your finger size

An important factor to consider is the size of your fingers. If you have small fingers, then you may need to choose a smaller crochet hook to ensure that you can control the crochet hook well. Conversely, if you have larger fingers, the opposite is true.

Different gestures and techniques will also require different crochet needles, which requires constant practice and practice makes perfect to master the skills and techniques of crochet.

III. Price

The last element is the price of crochet, the better the crochet hook material is different, as mentioned in our previous article, the premise of the budget allows you to consider the wooden crochet hook, the feel will be more comfortable.

Through their own hands, from a flat line to a new, lively, lifelike three-dimensional finished product appeared in front of that, you do not think the process is very worthwhile. But the premise is that you need to persevere and unremitting efforts, because handmade all need to spend time, need to have firm perseverance to achieve.

It is also a virtue to pass on a time-honored, ancient craft so that all future generations can understand and master the art of crochet, something that is well worth doing.

If you are willing to join us, thanks to you and me here from the beginning to know each other, let's come together to achieve their dreams and contribute to a better hand crochet, art without borders is always what we follow.

We can speak freely about our preferences here. We follow the principle of sharing without borders. We look forward to your participation.


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