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6 Tips On How To Make Better Half Double Crochet(HDC)

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HDC crochet is a basic crochet technique that is used in a wide variety of fabric making. Whether you are making sweaters, scarves, hats or gloves, HDC crochet is one of the commonly used techniques.

In HDC crochet, HDC stands for "Half Double Crochet".

It is easier to use than single and double hooks, and is also more flexible and can be applied to a variety of different fabric productions.

The basic steps in HDC crochet are to pass the hook through the loops and pick up some loops and pass them through the next loop. This is repeated until a row is completed. After completing a row, the hook needs to be turned to the next row and some additional coils added to the starting point in order to start a new row. This process will continue until the entire fabric is completed. Throughout the fabric, attention needs to be paid to the size and color of the loops, as well as the selection and use of hooks.

One of the benefits of HDC crochet is that it is relatively easy to get started.

Even a beginner can learn this technique quickly and make some simple fabrics. In addition, HDC crochet is relatively flexible. By changing the size of the hook and the size and color of the loops, a variety of different fabrics can be made, from simple woolen scarves to complex sweaters and accessories.

There are a number of techniques and variations in HDC crochet that


It can help to create more complex fabrics. For example, lace and trim can be added to make a fabric more attractive. Alternatively, HDC crochet can be combined with other techniques, such as crochet knitting, to create more unique fabrics.


Although HDC crochet is a basic crochet technique, it has some challenges. For example, it may require the use of additional skills and techniques to perfect the fabric when making complex fabrics. In addition, choosing the right hook and thread is crucial to the success of HDC crochet. Therefore, it is recommended to learn some basics and choose the right materials and tools before doing HDC crochet.

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In addition to the basic HDC crochet technique, there are a number of other tips and techniques that can be used to create different effects and textures.

For example

More complex patterns and shapes can be created by using techniques such as back and forth crochet, borders, increases and decreases in the project. In addition, different crochet hooks and threads can be used to create different effects, such as using threads of different materials to create fuzzy effects, using threads with glitter effects to create shiny projects, etc.


HDC crochet is a very fun and useful crafting technique that can be used to create a variety of different projects. For those who are interested in crafts and DIY, HDC crochet is a crochet is a very fun and challenging skill to improve your creativity and crafting skills.

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HDC crochet is a basic crochet technique, and here are some simple steps to help you do it right:

I. Pick the right hook and line

Choose a suitable hook and pick the right line according to the hook number. Generally speaking, it is easier to use a thicker line to get started.

II. Preparing the beginning of the ring

Tie a loop in the thread, insert the hook into the loop, and tighten the thread. This loop will serve as the starting point for the entire fabric.

III. Start crocheting

Pass the hook from inside the loop under the coil, then pick up some of the coil and pass the hook through the next loop. Repeat this until a row is completed.

IV. Rotary crochet

After completing a row, moving the hook to the next row usually requires adding some additional coils at the beginning. This can be done by passing the hook through the last loop of the first row and dragging the coils in front of the hook to form a new row of coils.

V. Continue crocheting

Continue with the next row using the HDC crochet technique until the entire fabric is completed.

VI. Ending

After completing the fabric, cut the threads short, leaving enough to hide the threads in the fabric.

The HDC crochet technique is not difficult to master and it only takes some practice to get it right. Also, choosing a good hook and thread can help you to do HDC crochet more easily.

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