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Amazing History Of Crochet 500 Years Ago

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What is handmade crochet?

Usually, the vast majority of our understanding of it is – through some techniques, techniques to turn thread, string, etc. into the items you want, and you’re right, that’s exactly what happened.

The history of crochet dates back to ancient times, but the exact origins and development of crochet remain somewhat controversial, and it is still impossible to give a definitive answer. It is widely believed that it first originated in China and South America, and then developed and became influential in Europe and other regions.

In China

It is known as “handmade crochet” or “crocheting” and the earliest records date back to the Qing Dynasty. The Chinese crochet technique uses a single crochet hook, which is mainly used to make shoes and hats, and brings a lot of convenience to people.

Chinese Emperor Hand-knitted Crown
Ancient Chinese Hand-knitted Shoes

In South America

It is widely used in South America, especially in Peru and Colombia. Local residents use a wide variety of crochet needles and threads to create beautiful textiles, such as blankets, clothes and accessories, which greatly help people.

Hand-knitted carpets from Nafrica

In Europe

It first appeared in the 16th century. At that time, crochet techniques were mainly used to make items such as fabrics and lace. In the 18th century, it gradually developed into a popular handicraft and was widely used to make items such as clothes, hats, socks and scarves.

European Dress Shoulder Handmade Decoration
Hand Knit Ladies Dresses from Europe
European Hand Knitted Carpet

19Th century

In the 19th century, with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, machine manufacturing began to produce crocheted items on a large scale. This led to a decline in the demand and value of handicrafts, but also contributed to the development of new crochet techniques and materials, such as the use of nylon and plastic crochet hooks.

Ladies' handmade dresses from the 19th century
Hand-knitted clothes and home decorations used by European aristocrats

20Th century

In the 20th century, crochet regained popularity and became a common craft and recreational activity. Many crochet enthusiasts and designers began experimenting with new techniques and styles, thus contributing to the further development of crochet.

Hand-knitted dresses of the 20th century aristocracy


Crochet has become a global craft and recreational activity, and both traditional handicrafts and modern designs are popular and widely distributed around the world.

Modern handmade knitwear including bags, clothes, hats, blankets
Handmade crocheted earring embellishments by Handmade-Spinus
Handmade Crochet Mushroom Decorative Pendant by Handmade-Spinus

There are many different types and styles of crochet, the following are some common types.

Basic Crochet:

The most basic type of crochet, using crochet hooks and threads to knit single-color or multi-color crocheted items.

Afghan Crochet:

Also known as “long crochet”, it is a technique that involves passing a long crochet hook through each crochet stitch from one side to the other and then returning to the first crochet stitch again on the other side. It is often used to make large items such as blankets and shawls.

Circular Crochet:

A technique that uses circular crochet stitches and is usually used to make hats, circular or semi-circular items.

Pressed Shaft Crochet:

This technique uses a crochet hook and multiple threads to create wool-like items.

Representative Crochet:

By using representative patterns and colors in crochet, items with intricate patterns, such as traditional patterned shawls and blankets, can be created.

Spindle Crochet:

This technique uses a spindle-shaped crochet hook to create ruffles and waves on crocheted items.

Lace Crochet:

A detailed technique using fine crochet hooks and threads to create a variety of laces and decorative details.

These are just some of the common types of crochet, it has many other types and styles, and as time progresses and evolves, each technique can be used to make different items such as clothes, home furnishings, accessories, decorative items, dolls, bouquets, etc. People give these products as gifts to their significant others.

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